Books for Children
Meet my Mates & Tada the Dancing Drum

Meet my Mates is the story of four friends from Africa who ‘surf the internet’ and arrive in England. Follow the adventures of Tada – the dancing drum, Bwark - the book reading bird, Ko – the football crazy crocodile, and the mysterious antelope - Mwana.

Published by Eye Know ( the book is written by Dianne Stadhams and illustrated by Phillip Kingsbury. A DVD of 6 x 12 minute episodes of the television series, Tada the Dancing Drum, comes with the book. The series was written and directed by Dianne.
Check out the video clip below.

Dianne with her cast outside the Assembly Rooms in St Briavels, Gloucestershire on July 11 2010 before their sell out performance. The event featured a live performance, musical games, a screening of one episode of the television series and a picnic high tea.
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I Know a Thing or 7

I Know a Thing or 7 is Dianne’s latest project for young people. The story is an environmental thriller, illustrated by photographer Barbara Moles. A CD of six original songs, written by Dianne with music composed by Paul Grimwood, accompanies the book. Publication date is March 2011. Read an introduction to the story below and listen to a clip of the title song.

Horrible things are happening in the forest… too much litter … too much noise! Some talk of tourism development - knocking down the trees … building a theme park, a shopping mall and a multi-storey car park. Some want to keep the place green and unchanged. Who will win?

Thalia, a butterfly who lives in the forest, decides the time has come for action! She flies off alone to see what other communities have done. She knows there must be an answer - somewhere.

Thalia talks to rivers and trees, animals and stones. She learns a thing or seven! But when she returns to her forest to share her knowledge … she is captured and put in a glass case for tourists to see - the local ‘miracle’.

Thalia hatches a plan to save herself and her forest …

Books for Adults
Look and Learn

The 2000 United Nations Millennium Development Goals aimed to eliminate world poverty. As a visual ethnographer working amongst some of the world’s poorest communities, Dianne was motivated by a major challenge. Her question was: how can the poor themselves - who are often illiterate –understand these goals and influence positive change?

Look and Learn is a case study on tourism and its potential to alleviate poverty in The Gambia, West Africa.  Dianne demonstrated that visual ethnography may offer an effective developmental basis for communication that translates policy into practice. Her rationale was that if a culture is visually and orally rooted, then the best communication tool was one that was visually and orally based, interpreted and distributed.

Working with tourism stakeholders and state television in The Gambia, Dianne wrote and directed their first documentary feature. The programme was designed to raise awareness about the issues, opportunities and challenges that tourism offered for poverty alleviation.

“In Chapter 6, Dianne Stadhams, who works in a poverty alleviation context, discusses a project funded by the British Government Department for International Development. This project was designed to represent the multiple perspectives …aiming to establish a process of negotiation and collaboration … for poverty alleviation in The Gambia …using innovative methodologies.”

Sarah Pink, editor and Professor of Anthropology, Loughborough University 2007.

Lucky Links : Short Stories
When a crocodile eats a child … on a golf course … in Africa, a lot of people’s lives are affected ...
In 4 short, interlinked stories laugh and squirm as 4 separate story tellers give their version of the consequences … lucky or not!

"I loved 'Lucky Links'. It's such a complex weaving which manages to shine a light on a number of topical issues without falling back on preaching."

Kay Green, Early Works Press 2010

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